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Von Buseck House and Judah Colt House

Preservation Erie
Monday May 7th, 2018

"This past fall and winter, Erie Insurance reconstructed the Von Buseck House and Colt House for market rate housing. Local architect Jeff Kidder had the Von Buseck House in storage for several years waiting for the right opportunity to reconstruct it, and his firm was hired to deconstruct the Colt House for future use beginning in 2016."

2018.05.02 judah colt

Erie Insurance Brings History to New Apartments in Old Neighborhood

Lisa Adams - Erie News Now
Tuesday May 1st, 2018

The historic Judah Colt House and Von Buseck House were documented, deconstructed, stored, and reconstructed.    Erie Insurance is preparing to welcome new neighbors into a brand new apartment development at 5th and German.  And it started by moving two historic homes to the neighborhood.


2018.04.12 1

New education center on Erie history center’s to-do list

Erie Times News - Ron Leonardi
Thursday Apr 12th, 2018

Improvements include a new 6,000 square foot Exhibit Center and renovations to the 160-year-old Wood-Morrison House, at Erie County Historical Society’s Hagen History Center. 

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction provided by Kidder Wachter Architecture & Design, Kidder Wachter Jefferys Engineering, and Kidder Wachter Jefferys Construction.

2018.03.29 VNET Erie Reader

Ideas, Industry, and Entrepreneurs

Erie Reader - Ben Speggen
Thursday Mar 29th, 2018

Joel Deuterman discusses Velocity Network’s renovation of the former Rothrock building and how their decision to move to downtown Erie, “…has helped launch a revitalization of the city”. Kidder Wachter Architecture & Design and Kidder Wachter Jefferys Construction are proud to be participating as the former building owners, developers, architects, and construction managers.

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NEWS Restoration of Historic Wood-Morrison House Underway

Lisa Adams - Erie News Now
Wednesday Mar 28th, 2018

George Deutsch of the Erie County Historical Society, and Jeff Kidder discuss current renovations to the 160-year-old Historic Wood-Morrison House.  Architectural, Engineering, and Construction services provided by Kidder Wachter Architecture & Design, Kidder Wachter Jefferys Engineering, and Kidder Wachter Jefferys Construction.  


Velocity Network is in the process of moving it's headquarters to downtown Erie.

Erie Times News - David Bruce
Saturday Mar 24th, 2018

"Tom Hinkler, Project Superintendent for Kidder Wachter Jefferys Construction shows a portion of the second floor of the Rothrock Building which will soon house computer servers for Velocity Network."  

Vnet Matt W

Rothrock Project Update

Velocity Network
Thursday Mar 15th, 2018
Rothrock Building construction progress

Work underway to turn Rothrock into Velocity Network headquarters

Erie Times News - Matthew Rink
Thursday Feb 1st, 2018

 “Jeff Kidder and Chip Wachter, through their development firm, bought the Rothrock building in 2013 … Kidder Wachter Architecture & Design provided design services for the Velocity Network project, while Kidder Wachter Jefferys Construction LLC is the construction manager.”

colt and von b

Erie Insurance brings new rentals to east side

Erie Times News
Tuesday Jan 30th, 2018

Erie Insurance is reconstructing two historic buildings.  Kidder Wachter Architecture & Design, Kidder Wachter Jefferys Engineering, and Kidder Wachter Jefferys Construction are the project’s Architect, Engineers, and Contractors.  

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The Dickson Tavern: Erie's Oldest Building

Erie Reader - Jonathan Burdick
Wednesday Jan 17th, 2018

Jonathan Burdick wrote brief history of the Dickson Tavern for the Erie Reader.  “…what was once the Dickson Tavern, and now operates as Kidder Wachter's offices, stands as the oldest surviving building in the city.” 

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